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I love to doodle……colleagues in my office know that my desk will always have some type of design permanently stamped into either my notepad, desk calendar or any sheet of paper I can get my hands on. I draw nothing in particular, not a face or a scenery.  Please know that I’m NOOOOOO artist, I just draw random lines, squares or shapes. Why you may ask? Not really sure…..maybe because I’m releasing excess energy, maybe it’s  my zen place. The best way to explain it, I draw intertwined shapes forming something of a labyrinth.  I’ve done this since I can remember, as far back as 4th grade, so when I came across a video about Bruce Shapiro (former doctor) and the table he had invented, OF COURSE it caught my attention! How ingenious I thought. I WANT ONE!!! 

Sisyphus as the table is named, draws mesmerizing works in the sand all by itself. Talk about a conversation piece. Imagine having friends over for dinner as this metal ball rolls around aimlessly creating spectacular works of art.

As a Real Estate professional, I am looking forward to seeing these tables in many homes to come.