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imageThe beauty of living in Monmouth County New Jersey  is imagethat we are a short drive to many area attractions. This past weekend I decided to go and visit a few antique shops. Why you may ask? I really don’t know why. Maybe because I had never done it before. Maybe because I felt it would be fun and different. I don’t really know why but what I did know is that I wanted to drive and enjoy the beautiful scenery NJ has to offer this time of year.

Now, if you are a newbie at this like I am, I wasn’t quite sure where to turn to. Google is an amazing tool….how did we ever survive without it? I typed in what I was looking for, keywords such as Antiques, Close to Colts Neck, NJ, short drive, etc….and within a nano-second it had directed me to New Hope, PA. image

After a 60 minute drive, I ended up in an area of Pennsylvanian that is right on the boarder of Lambertville, NJ.   I was able to walk within the two states in a matter of minutes. Just over the bridge.

Both towns offered great shopping from a very familiar rustic country style like my hometown of Colts Neck to elegant European classics and everything in between. There were a few flea markets lined up back to back prior to getting into the towns, if you are into that sort of stuff. It wasn’t for me. I was on a hunt for something, I just didn’t know what at that particular moment.


After walking around this idyllic town for hours and imagewalking past plenty of shops, great restaurants, a few B&B’s and not to mention the famous Bucks County Playhouse, I came upon a tiny antique store.


I spent a good amount of time in the store. I looked at old clocks, plates that had the most unique designs on them. I could almost fully envision how the table may have been set back in the old days. I read a few pages in some old books but what most caught my eye was this picture. Don’t ask me why because I don’t really know. It is often said that things find us, we don’t find them. This picture definitely found me.

As I held the photograph, I played the guessing game with myself. What type of man was this person? A Business man?  I saw the way he was dressed. His clothes, his shoes, the glove and hat. A gentleman with impeccable taste one would say. He sits there on the bench….lost in thought. What could have been on his mind at that particular moment? Did he pose for the photograph? What type of realtor would I be if I didn’t notice the homes in the background. Fantastic piece of real estate, that’s for sure but more importantly, was this man happy? There was such sadness to his eyes. I just couldn’t say one way or another. I placed the picture back where I had found it and started to walk away. I turned back quickly, took one more look and decided to bring him back to Colts Neck with me. As I stood at the counter paying for my item the store clerk blurts out, $2 dollars. Two dollars, I thought…..that’s all it cost to go back in time? The experience was priceless to me!